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It was at an early age of 5 that Brice Chapman began to develop a unique talent with a rope. Rarely seen without one, Chapman soon learned to do rope tricks with both hands and by the time he was 7 he was performing at the National Ranching Heritage Center at Texas Tech University. From there, he quickly built a career out of a childhood hobby. Today Chapman travels the country performing his specialty act, which also includes his faithful border collie, Jackpot, and his two trusty steeds, Crossfire and Peanut. Chapman brings a unique quality to his trick-roping act with the addition of his animals, who offer their own amazing talents.

Chapman's uniqueness and level of talent has him being sought after to perform at some of the PRCA’s finest rodeos. He has made appearances at premier events such as the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, the Working Ranch Cowboy’s Association Finals and the National Finals Steer Roping.

Chapman has been featured on the Texas Country Reporter and RFDTV’s America By Horseback, and has had the honor to perform for the families of the 9-11 victims. In 2006 Chapman was asked to perform for the President of the United States, George W. Bush, at the Congressional Picnic.

In addition to rodeos and special events, Chapman also performs at schools, where he presents a fun and friendly message about living a drug-free life. As part of his school program, Jack and Crossfire help reinforce that message. When Chapman asks, “Who is drug free?” Jack is the first to raise his paw and Crossfire makes his opinion known by shaking his head no. “The moral of the story is, that if a dog and horse can say no anybody can,” said Chapman.

If he’s not spinning a rope, you will most likely find Chapman with a horse’s hoof in his hand. He is also a well sought after farrier, a trade he learned from his father, Burney Chapman. Burney mastered the use and application of the heart bar shoe to help foundered horses and those with laminitis. His technique is still taught in vet schools around the world. Burney was known for shoeing some of the industry’s greats including Dash for Cash and Go Man Go and he was also inducted into the Kentucky Derby Hall of Fame. Brice is no stranger to handing top tiered horses himself, shoeing for many of today’s top cowboy and cowgirls.

As Brice looks to the future he finds himself dreaming of sharing his talents and drug-free message with many more people. He is now focusing on adding some smaller hometown rodeos to his schedule. “I enjoy the more personal feel of these events,” he said. “Whether you’re at a rodeo or local event, everyone likes to see the tradition of an old west cowboy act.” Chapman is grateful for the numerous committees that have given him the opportunity to work with them and produce a high quality entertainment event. If you are interested in booking Brice for a corporate event, school program, local celebration or rodeo you can contact him today.



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